Locally Owned For 23 Years

Dr. Sheryl Roach, started Cross Winds Animal Clinic in 1992 shortly after becoming a veterinarian.

In today's world many successful clinics and hospitals have been bought out by large veterinary corporations that manage hundreds of clinics. Cross Winds wants to maintain our ability to focus on patient care without worrying about corporate bean counters.

Our Vets Work on Salary Only

Almost all practices whether privately owned or corporate pay their veterinarians on a commission basis.  They must be embarrassed by it as they won't call it commission. They refer to it as, "pay for production".

We don't think of our patients as "production". Our patients have names like "Gus" and "Moses", and "Tank" and "Gunner".

The foundation of Cross Winds has been built on HELPing our patients.

Healing. Educating. Loving. Protecting.


What You Don't Know Matters

Every vet clinic has the same basic task, diagnose, treat, heal and prevent disease. Yet many hospitals extol their staff with financial goals and incentives. I guess if patients were widgets this would be fine.

There are no bar charts in the back of our hospital. No financial goals plastered in front of our staff. Is patient care supposed to be influenced by financial goals on a bar chart? We firmly believe no.

Our vets are NOT evaluated by their "average cost per client visit" or any other economic metric that has become the norm. Our vets are evaluated by their ability to diagnose, educate, and heal.

Warm and Friendly Front Lobby